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1 month ago

The idiot pushing the injections is paid. These injections are killing people, thousands have died and they keep trying to cover it up. Soon they won’t be able to hide their mass genocide.

Reply to  lar
16 days ago

“It’s still “vanishingly rare” that this sort of thing happens.”
These mitigation propaganda shills are paid WELL, I’m sure.
Do you think that talking head mouthpiece actually BELIEVES all the murders are “RARE”??
Okay, do you call 5 million dead and 50 million adverse reactions “RARE”???
And that’s just a tiny estimate – I’m CONVINCED the numbers are FAR above that.
Other vaccines have been shut down for 25 people dead. 25.
It’s a world wide Agenda.
It’s about world genocide.
They want us dead.
They call us useless eaters and cattle.
And they want 6 and a half DEAD.
That’s it. No conspiracy theory, not complicated.
They just want us to SUBMIT AND DIE.
I’ll choose to die on my FEET, FIGHTING, thank you.

mary e
mary e
Reply to  lar
8 days ago

The stupid ones will go first. And it will keep going on. Millions will die. My brother LOVES the vaccines. It’s his choice to be willfully ignorant, it’s his choice to die.

mary e
mary e
8 days ago

It’s hard listening to her because she is SO STUPID and pretending they are getting jabbed to help others. How is prolonging the massacre and the awakening helping others???

Last edited 8 days ago by mary e
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