Yassine: 13-Year-Old Boy Loses Eyesight 10 Days After Receiving The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine, Mother Seeks Answers

The COVID World post date: September 28th, 2021

FRANCE – A young boy has lost his eyesight 10 days after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Yassine, 13-years-old, got his shot on July 17th, one month after the opening in France of vaccination for minors over 12. A few days after his injection, vision problems started. His eyesight became blurry until he couldn’t see at all after 10 days. Yassine’s case is the first case reported in France of a minor having a strong reduction in vision after the COVID-19 vaccination.

“I was asleep, I then woke up, I couldn’t see, it was blurry,” Yassine said while being filmed for the documentary ‘Children of Freedom’. “Right after the vaccine, he couldn’t see anything. There are no other causes for me than the vaccine,” his mother says. According to specialists, Yassine is suffering from corneal thrombosis linked to the Pfizer COVD-19 vaccine.

The case of Yassine was reported to the official French pharmacovigilance as followed:

“Vaccinated in mid-July with the Comirnaty vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech), a little over a month before his thirteenth birthday, the patient presented, ten days later, a significant decline in visual acuity. He was then taken care of in an AP-HP establishment. The pharmacovigilance report, sent five days later, establishes that this young patient suffers from acute retinitis (inflammation of the retina).”

A testimony by Yassine and his mother:

“Before, I could see very well. After the vaccine, I can’t see. – (Aunt speaks) – I was sleeping, then I woke up. My eyesight was blurry. I said to my mother: ‘Mom I see blurry!’ Then my mother went to work and when she got home, she asked ‘is everything back to normal?’ I said, ‘no, it’s still the same’. My mother then asked me if I would buy bread because she had forgotten it, I said yes but I hid behind the door. My sister told my mother that I was hiding and so my mother asked ‘why are you hiding?’ I said, ‘because I can’t see’.

Filmmaker Magà Ettori and his daughter Ariakina collected the testimony as part of a documentary that is currently in production, entitled Children of Freedom.

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Dan Rather Not
Dan Rather Not
29 days ago

A wine aunt on Facebook gained 15 minutes of reassurance with those boys eyes. She is hungry for more! Please Biden force the mandates! Wine Aunty needs her sense of security, and many people need to die for that. Let the blood flow!

Ronda Csiti
Ronda Csiti
28 days ago

When are the military tribunals going to begin? We NEED to hold these eugenicists accountable for every last injury/death.

7 days ago

Hello dear ones.This complication has a cure.We treat it with Islamic medicine.We must pay attention to the words of Prophet Mohammad. Cupping is the cure. Then put 2 leeches behind her eyelid. Hopefully the problem will be solved.

7 days ago

سلام یاسین. خداوند تمامی شیطان ها را لعنت کند.
زیارت عاشورا: گریه برای امام حسین. راه نجات ماست. حجامت کن. عسل و سیاه دانه بخور خداوند مشکل گشا است.
هر وقت مشکلی در چشم ایجاد شده. به یاد حضرت ابولفضل برادر امام حسین باش. او تو را شفاعت خواهد کرد.

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