Sudden Spike in Deaths of Newborn Babies Sparks Investigation in Scotland

The COVID World post date: November 20th, 2021

SCOTLAND – According to Public Health Scotland, there has been a sharp rise in the number of dead newborns in September. The spike in deaths is so noticeable that it has triggered an investigation. Although the rate of deaths fluctuates month to month, the figure for September, at 4.9 deaths per 1000 live births is more than twice the average.

Public Health Scotland (PHS), said the number of deaths had breached a ‘control limit’ which indicated that “there is a higher likelihood that there are factors beyond random variation that may have contributed to the number of deaths that occurred”.

Monthly figures on newborn death rates are only available from July 2017, but previously peaked at 3.7 per 1000 live births in March 2020. However, annual statistics on newborn deaths from the National Records of Scotland show that they have been in steady decline for decades, falling from an average of 4.7 per 1000 live births in 1986-1990 to 2.2 per 1000 by 2016-2020.

There are currently no details on what caused the deaths of the 21 newborns. September coincided with a surge in A&E attendance and an outbreak of RSV virus, however, it is clear that none of the deaths were due to COVID-19. 

There has been no mention of how many of the mothers were vaccinated or whether the COVID vaccines played a role.

We will keep an eye on this story.

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7 days ago

I warned a friend 8 months ago that we should wait and see how the babies turn out before we see if the vaccine is safe. Was scoffed at then. Too bad for all of us.

Reply to  jacquelynsauriol
7 days ago

Must have not been listening to that goofball who said we won’t know if they’re safe until we start jabbing people with them. Who would ride on an airplane if the pilot came over the loud speaker and said folks this is our maiden voyage, we won’t know if the plane is safe until be just give her a go. But when people are afraid they do really stupid things.

Jill Campbell
Jill Campbell
1 day ago

I’m a Scot, a biologist, pre-clinical reproductive toxicologist and QA auditor of clinical trials.

The correlation between “vaccines” and all of these deaths, miscarriages, stillbirths, neonatal deaths etc. is, without doubt in my mind, absolutely a direct result of the vaccine. There still has not been a scientific “study” done on it under experimental conditions but there have already been enough anecdotal evidence and testimonies from people dealing with corpses to show a huge jump in the number of deaths in babies, not to forget people of every other age, since the roll-out of the “vaccines” in January this year. So, now in November 2021, we may have only six to eight weeks of stillborn deaths to date and the figures will only get worse.

I have used discernment around this Hegelian pantomime from the start. The one using the ruse of a killer virus to get us to agree to accept a ticking cocktail of toxins and gene-altering technology through lies, coercion and deceit.

Look up Bitchute “The Crowhouse” interview with John O’Looney, the Undertaker in Milton Keynes to see that there were no extra deaths from any much-hyped virus last year.

We subjects of a depopulation agenda. Fact. There is PLENTY of evidence to confirm this. Go to Bitchute “Fall of the Cabal” and its Sequel to …. to make sense of it. Get onto Telegram, The LIght newspaper – then start to open your eyes.

The vaccine is responsible. No doubt in my mind at all.

kellie. beckett
kellie. beckett
7 hours ago

Demand autopsies of all them

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