Navin Sathong: 18-Year-Old ‘TikTok’ Star With 1.8 Million Followers Loses Mother After Her COVID-19 Vaccination

The COVID World post date: September 22nd, 2021

UBON RATCHATHANI, THAILAND – A 18-year-old ‘TikTok’ star has lost his mother shortly after her COVID-19 vaccination. Navin Sathong’s mother, 56-year-old Ms. Phanomprai, got her shot on August 31st. She suffered multiple health problems shortly afterward. She collapsed on September 6th and died 3 days later. Navin is blaming the COVID-19 vaccine for his mother’s sudden death.

Navin, who is well-known on ‘TikTok’ for tasting food with his mother, revealed the tragic news to his millions of followers. He said that his mother had a severe fever shortly after her injection. On September 6th, his mother’s condition worsened. She suddenly collapsed and was taken by ambulance to Khong Chiam Hospital where she was in a comatose state until her death on September 9th.

“Personally, I believe that my mother’s death is the result of the COVID-19 vaccine. If my mother hadn’t taken the injection, she would’ve been alive today,” Navin said. “My mother was a strong person. Diligent, even with her diabetes, which didn’t affect her life at all. I forbade my mother to take this vaccine until there was a good one. I would’ve bought it for her. But she refused. She secretly got the vaccine without telling me. I was very angry when she told me that.”

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