Marco Di Capua: 50-Year-Old Mayor Dies 1 Month After His Second Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

Original story date: August 25th, 2021

The COVID World post date: October 2nd, 2021

CHIAVARI, GENOA – 50-year-old mayor of Chiavari has died 1 month receiving his second Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Marco Di Capua got the shot on July 22nd. He suddenly collapsed one month later on August 23rd. He was rushed to the hospital where he died shortly after. His sudden death has shocked the city of 27.000 people.

The drama took place in a matter of minutes. The mayor, who was at home, suddenly collapsed after losing consciousness at around 18:00. His wife immediately called for help. Medical staff did everything to save him as he was transported to the emergency room of Lavagna Hospital. He was dead upon arrival.

“We greeted him after lunch. He smiled and told us not to bother him with messages because he wanted to enjoy a week of holidays with his children. Instead, we are here, and we can’t believe it,” said Antonio Segalerba, president of the city council.

The mayor posted on July 22nd that he was fully vaccinated after his second Pfizer COVID-19 shot:

Marco – who had just turned 50 – wanted to run for a second term after winning the elections in 2017. He was known as a healthy sportsman with a passion for rowing. He had no known health issues prior to his sudden cardiac arrest.

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