Ludovica Bizzaglia: 25-Year-Old Actress Develops Pericarditis After Receiving Second Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID World post date: September 15th, 2021

ROME, ITALY – A 25-year-old actress has developed pericarditis after her second Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Ludovica Bizzaglia got the shot on August 5th and immediately felt “very bad” as she suffered severe pain in her chest and left arm. She was hospitalized where doctors diagnosed her with pericarditis. Bizzaglia admitted that she felt “relief ” to have a diagnosis because she was going “crazy” from not knowing what made her feel sick the entire time.

She told her followers on social media that despite her diagnosis, she would redo the vaccine “another million times”.

She posted a video to her 800 thousand followers on Instagram where she talked about her health scare:

I took the second dose on August 5th. Immediately after returning from summer holidays in Greece, I started to feel bad. My symptoms were very strong, but, being someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, I thought it was just that. I had severe chest pain, pain in my left arm, and fatigue. I had pain in my heart, I could not climb stairs, I could not have the air conditioning aimed at me, I could not take a walk without feeling the need to stop.

Back in Rome from Greece I was unfortunately diagnosed with pericarditis as a result of the vaccine. It can happen, it’s bad luck.

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