Professional Cyclist Greg Van Avermaet Gives Up Cycling World Cup Due To Vaccine Side-Effects: “I Blame The Vaccine”

The COVID World post date: September 1st, 2021

BELGIUM Professional cyclist Greg Van Avermaet has given up on the Cycling World Cup due to problems with his immune system as a result of the COVID-19 vaccines. The 36-year-old gas gotten a double dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 “vaccine”. He told Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad that he is not reaching his normal performance level. In fact, he hasn’t since the Tour de France which was when he received the shots.

Greg has undergone several blood tests in which the results of the tests are good. That is to say: “the blood values ​​show nothing, they’re perfect as always. This is also my great strength, but other data show that there is something wrong with my immune system,” Greg said. “My body is fighting against an unknown opponent and that’s probably the vaccine.”

Van Avermaet said that he is in favor of the vaccines. He wanted the shots so that he could travel carefree to the Tour de France and other races. Still, the vaccine has caused some problems he thinks: “I sleep well, train well, and feel good, but I am missing three percent of my top form.”

Van Avermaet will visit several doctors in the coming days to see what is possible. He has not yet resigned himself to an end of the season and wants to see how things will go in the coming days, but he keeps his stance on the Cycling World Cup: “At the moment there’s no sense talking about the World Championship.”

Van Avermaet is not the first top professional cyclist to raise concerns about the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine on his performance. In July, following the Tour de France, Astana-Premier Tech’s Jakob Fuglsang, who did not start the final stage of the race due to illness and sat 38th overall following the previous day’s individual time trial, said he believed that being vaccinated lay behind his lackluster performance in the three-week race.

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