Google Searches For ‘Died Suddenly’ Surge Worldwide, Is The COVID-19 Vaccine Responsible?

The COVID World post date: November 17th, 2021

All over the world, Google searches and web articles with the phrase ‘died suddenly’ are exploding in number. Google searches for the term have spiked since October while at the same time news articles mentioning the phrase have been steadily rising in number in the past few months, hitting a high of almost 8000 articles in the month of September, before falling to nearly 5000 by October, twice as high as a year before according to article numbers scraped from Google News.

A chart showing a significant increase in articles with the phrase ‘suddenly died’

Despite widespread media pressure to ignore deaths related to the COVID-19 vaccine, in today’s connected world there is no way to hide such a massive number of unexpected deaths if you know where to look. has been reporting on these ‘sudden deaths’ and documenting the links to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Headlines from the US showing the mysterious trend of people suddenly dying:

More of those headlines from Europe:

Doctors, sportsmen, actors and ordinary people are all being affected by this surge of sudden deaths linked to the COVID vaccines. The cause is usually a sudden heart attack or stroke.

It was reported by the Telegraph today that the NHS is calling for an ‘urgent inquiry’ as 9,300 more people have died than usual in the past four months from non-COVID-related causes

Note that during the COVID-19 pandemic from March 2020, there was no such spike. It only occurred after the widespread introduction of the vaccines.

The COVID World will continue to bring the stories that are ignored by MSM and censored by ‘Big Tech’.

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2 months ago

rock on with the truth, saving lives IN REAL TIME

2 months ago

The other word used is “unexpectedly” in these fatality cases. How many people have you killed, Pfizer/Bio, Moderna, Astazeneca, J&J? How many more? You can be joined in court with all the people in charge of our “health” that went a long and approved and pushed your poison on ignorant people.

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