Davide Bristot: 18-Year-Old Teen Died 27 Days After The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine, Family Seeks Answers

Original story date: July 17th, 2021

The COVID World post date: October 18th, 2021

SEDICO, VENETO – An 18-year-old teen died 27 days after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Davide Bristot, a student and volleyball player, got his shot on June 17th. He started experiencing debilitating headaches several weeks later. His parents took him to the hospital where he was discharged after an hour. The next morning, he didn’t come out of his room. His mother opened his door and discovered his lifeless body.

Davide’s parents, Paolo and Barbara Bristot, took him to the Belluno Hospital at about 10:30 pm on the evening of Tuesday, July 13th. Doctors did a few clinical tests before discharging him. Davide went to sleep immediately when he got home. Barbara grew suspicious the next morning when he didn’t come out of his room. She opened his door and discovered her son’s lifeless body on Wednesday morning, July 14th.

Belluno Deputy Prosecutor Alberto Primavera opened a manslaughter investigation into the sudden death:

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