Dan Allen: Fit and Healthy 36-Year-Old Suffers Heart Attack 3 Weeks After Second Vaccine: “Very Few Would Have Survived”

The COVID World post date: November 18th, 2021

TAURANGA, NEW ZEALAND Another previously fit and healthy man has suffered a heart attack just 23 days after his second COVID-19 vaccine. Dan Allen, 36, received the shot on October 13th and then had a heart attack caused by blood clots in his artery in the early morning of November 5th. He went online to share his experience.

“Hey everybody, my name is Dan Allen. I’m from Tauranga making this video to highlight one of the very apparent risks of having the vaccine.

My first vaccine was 9th of September and the second 13th of October, and on the early morning of the 5th of November, I had quite a bad heart attack caused by blood clots in three of the arteries in my heart”

The 36 years old father-of-two commented that he’s very lucky to be alive due to his health and active lifestyle:

“The ecology and angiogram showed a very healthy heart and arteries that basically saved my life.

I’m very lucky, very lucky.”

PM Jacinda Ardern yesterday announced that New Zealand’s largest city Auckland, which is 90 miles from Tauranga, will soon be moving out of the strict lockdown it has been under since August. The city eased only a few restrictions due to the ‘insufficient’ vaccination rate among people age 12 and older.

Allen is now on a mission to assist others in their recovery who are also injured by the vaccine:

“Having a heart attack that more than likely very few would have survived, I am blessed to be here to tell the story and hopefully save other ‘Kiwis’ along the track and also help communicate with others that have had vaccine injuries.

Any way that I can assist in their recovery, even if it’s just a chat, just chatting on how your health is doing because it rattled me.”

Watch Allen’s full testimony:

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Double vaccinated and boosted
Double vaccinated and boosted
9 days ago

People have clearly lost the ability to critically think. No reason for this man to not know beforehand that these shots were poison this late in the global vax campaign. Especially in New Zealand where there are no cases and the PM is a evil tyrant c&nt. People who comply just encourages the state to force it on the rest of us. Glad he survived but it’s people like him that have put us in a bad position.

9 days ago

It is very hard to continue to try to warn people who scoff at you.
No evidence seems to be enough to get folks to look ‘under the rug’
and ‘behind the curtain’. They will say they didn’t know,
but they don’t want to know, as a whole, or they would already be suspect.
Tick, Tick, another life ruined.

Non compliant
Non compliant
9 days ago

Pity the jabbee.. for some howmyeah. I see it my logical mind cant dent it… the meek will inherit the earth, by just politely insisting upon NO

9 days ago

Maybe the IQ is lower across there…LOL To be honest just want to cry!

8 days ago

I’m so grateful that you survived, especially for your children’s sake! I will be checking for updates. You are most definitely in my prayers, and I don’t just say that idly. I will remember you by name, Dan. Best wishes for a complete recovery.

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