COVID Lockdowns Return to Europe As Winter Begins

The COVID World post date: November 22nd, 2021

Despite the assurances by multiple governments that ‘things would go back to normal’, the arrival of winter in Europe has seen governments reflexively reach for measures that did not work last winter.

The European winter has arrived and despite vaccine rollouts, cases are beginning to climb again, raising concerns about the ability of EU health systems to cope. However, this winter, not only will hospitals be swamped by COVID cases occurring despite the ineffective vaccine, but there will also be the added burden of caring for those whom the vaccine has injured. Given the negative health effects on those who have been affected by the vaccine, the nightmare scenario of those who have been weakened by the vaccine also getting breakthrough infections looks like a real possibility.

Riots in the Dutch city of Rotterdam

EU countries are already reimposing restrictions, prompting riots in Holland and Belgium along with massive protests in Italy and Austria. The time spent over the summer developing the vaccine passport systems which people were assured would be temporary seems to be bearing fruit, with such systems already firmly in place in many countries, effectively locking the unvaccinated out of society.

In EU countries such as Germany, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and others, COVID-passports are now required to enter shopping malls, sit inside bars and cafes. From Monday, unvaccinated Germans will be unable to travel on public transport, leaving many stranded with no way to travel or buy food.

Police officers checking the vaccination status of a man on a Christmas market in Vienna

The next step, presumably, will be to make being unvaccinated a criminal offense, followed by door-to-door visits from the ‘vaccine police’. Although Germany’s constitutional court has ruled that physically forcing people to be vaccinated against their will violates EU human rights rules, there are no such restrictions on fining people or locking them out of society.

The resistance to these measures will be robust, but the narrative to excuse such abuses of power is already well crafted.

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5 days ago

Best case scenario is they keep making boosters mandatory too and people wake up or see the side effects.

Reply to  Ankur
5 days ago

sadly those who took the jabs will continue to get it and keep wearing masks and obeying until their very death, which is sooner than later. i gladly die unpoisoned even if it will not be long from now, heck I’d take some of the tyrants with me if i have to, nothing else left to do, it’s kill or be killed

Reply to  Ankur
5 days ago

Most of them are already woke and know vax is bullshit, they are just too cowardly to say no to the government so they opt for the jab instead.

2 days ago

So much for joyous happy Christmas markets…polizei everywhere checking people’s enslavement passports here right outside one in Vienna, Austria. Really, they are WinterMarkets as Jesus was born September 11th, December 25th – just another huge lie we were all taught.

I remember Vienna as one of my favorite cities in Europe when I lived there – esp. enjoyed discovering the eclectic inspiring artist Hunderwasser’s colorful buildings (in Germany too and Czech) and museum. Had a good time there a couple times just exploring around, eating at great restaurants (remember a wonderful Italian one there I loved with woodstone fired pizzas and great house red chianti wine). Salzburg (I think in pic first above) was my favorite city though. The Christmas (Winter) markets were some of best. What a shame what Old Europe has turned into now, but all this is prophecy. Read your Bible-esp. end times Revelations.

I pray for all those who are GOD’s children/Jesus’s bride/elect with heightened medical tyranny oppression that GOD provides, protects and guides you who live in these locations – he will do so esp. if you also pray to him and believe Jesus his son died for our sins/and arose & try to follow GOD’s commandments as close as possible/live by morals/ethics/justice/righteousness/kindness/love-so much info on this in his word/Bible (you will also be Jesus’s bride/elect). We live in a Supernatural Spiritual World with what we think to be Reality-what we think this world is as just a hologram.

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