Costas Mastrovasilis: 31-Year-Old Man Dies 3 Weeks After Receiving The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID World post date: October 13th, 2021

RHODES, GREECE – A 31-year-old man died 3 weeks after receiving the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Kostas Mastrovasilis got the shot on Friday, August 13th. He developed a blood clot in his groin shortly afterward and was hospitalized. His health quickly deteriorated and he died on September 4th. His only reason to get the vaccine was so that he could work and have freedom of movement.

Costas was hospitalized in Rhodes where they initially managed to get the blood clot under control, but it came back later more aggressively. He was then sent to a larger hospital in Athens for more advanced treatment of his leg, which had become as ‘hard as stone’ due to the blood clots blocking arteries in his leg.

He wrote this on his Instagram:

“20 days after getting the vaccine,
I developed a small lump in my leg (thrombosis),
and for the past four days,
I have had discomfort because my leg is becoming like a stone.
All the veins in my leg are blocked.
I live because there is so much blood in my heart.
That is, I am 30 and in a few days,
I will certainly go for a walk.”

His final message was from his hospital bed where he wrote that he was only alive due to a pin-hole opening in his heart. He also called the Greek Prime Minister a “prostitute”.

Costas suffered a heart attack shortly after the message. He died on Saturday, September 4th. His parents, who live in Australia, flew to Greece to receive his body. His father, who is a pastor in Australia, led the funeral of his son.

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Joel S Hirschhorn
Joel S Hirschhorn
1 month ago

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Christopher Schulz
Christopher Schulz
1 month ago

If only folks were allowed to know about the antiviral effects of Naproxen against SARS & FLU. I credit a simple protocol with preventing serious disease progression: Naproxen 220mgs 2x day, VitD3+Zinc, Melatonin. That’s it, worked for me, but too bad for all those other folks blocked by big tech censorship, that never happened across the preventative. RIP

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