Bettina Ranch: Opera Singer Hospitalized After A Severe Adverse Reaction To Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID World post date: September 13th, 2021

BERLIN, GERMANY – A opera singer has canceled all her appearances after a severe adverse reaction to the Pfizer COVID vaccine. Bettina Ranch got her shot in mid-August and developed a headache and dizziness a few days later. She was hospitalized at beginning of September with mild facial paralysis and ataxia.

The Berliner wrote on her Instagram and Facebook pages:

“It is currently not possible for me to return to the stage due to a very severe adverse reaction to the vaccine. I’m incredibly sorry and I am incredibly sad about this situation.”

Almost four weeks ago when Ranch got vaccinated, she was doing well. The day after, she felt ok and tried to organize the day as normally as possible. She sang a little because the season would start with concerts and performances a few days later.

She had a headache and felt dizzy at the rehearsal and noticed changes in her voice; it sounded “weak, powerless as if blocked”. She also experienced more and more pain in her arms and legs, as well as in her joints and had a feeling that something was wrong in her head (brain fog) due to very slow thinking, speaking, and problems with finding the right words.

Bettina Ranch

Ranch was eventually diagnosed with ataxia and facial paralysis. She said about the diagnosis:

“Because of the ataxia and facial nerve palsy, professional singing is currently impaired. I am assured by every medical doctor that my symptoms are temporary and I remain very confident that, that is the case. Patience was never my strength, but it will be now.”

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