Angela Caloisi: 27-Year-Old Model Hospitalized After COVID-19 Vaccine, Diagnosed With Acute Pericarditis

The COVID World post date: September 21st, 2021

ITALY – A 27-year-old woman was hospitalized after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Angela Caloisi, a model, suffered pain in her chest and swollen veins in her arms and legs shortly after her vaccination. The pain became “unbearable” at a certain point. With no improvements for two consecutive days, she was rushed to the emergency room. That’s where she was diagnosed with acute pericarditis as a result of the jab.

The young woman told her 650.000 Instagram followers that she would redo the vaccine “a 1000 times” in order to prevent criticism from “anti-vaxxers” and “skeptics”. Later she emphasized that her purpose is not to influence anyone with her ideas. She then limited herself to say what had happened to her and warning everyone not to ignore signals from their body after vaccination:

Angela Caloisi spent 6 nights in hospital after 2 hospitalizations. She seems to have recovered well for now. We’ll continue to monitor this case.

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